Remix Your Face

ifbook podcastIt’s not that the May episode of the if:book Podcast is delayed. It’s just that we have renamed today the 36th of May.

This month’s guest is Michela Ledwidge from the amazing Mod Productions discussing remix literature and the extraordinary ACO Virtual, an interactive installation featuring the Australian Chamber Orchestra that allows you to become the conductor you always wanted to be.

Links to the stuff we discuss in situ:

And cool stuff we found on the internet:

What is this? Suddenly if:book’s all hoity toity and we’re not wasting ten minutes discussing the music?

Well, the featured artist this month takes its cue from ACO Virtual with an artist you may have heard of—Johann Sebastian Bach—and the first Allegro movement from his Concerto No.2 in C for 2 Cembalos. It’s kind of chamber music.

This concerto, scored for two harpsichords, two violins, viola and continuo, and lasting around 19 minutes, is probably the only Harpsichord Concerto by Bach that originated as a harpsichord work. The first version was for two instruments unaccompanied (BWV. 1061a,in the manner of Italian Concerto, BWV. 971) and the addition of the orchestral parts may not have been by Bach himself. In fact, the strings only appear to augment cadences.

The recording and description comes to us via the good people at Musopen, a non-profit providing recordings, sheet music, and textbooks to the public for free, without copyright restrictions.

And the reason we never quite got around to talking about it? Well, we already waited until the 36th May. How much longer did you want to wait?



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Memory Makes Us Live

MMUApplause and thank you to our amazing authors at Memory Makes Us, if:book Australia’s live writing event at Browns Mart Theatre in Darwin as part of the writers’ festival Wordstorm 2014.

Take a bow Marie Munkara, Levin Diatschenko, and Kamarra Bell-Wykes who wrote entirely new work based on memories provided by the public.

Check out the web site, follow the #memorymakesus tag on Twitter, watch interviews with the authors, and photos of the event.



Geeking Out Over the App Store

ifbook podcast

Our guest is Vincenzo Pignatelli from Queensland-based childen’s book/app publisher Blue Quoll and the brains behind the bestselling Mr Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes.

Featured artist is Blind Willie Johnson playing the officially (if incorrectly) transcribed Mother’s Children Have A Hard Time. Full of pain and loneliness, it’s not exactly the Wiggles. Emily has a hard time understanding Blind Willie’s unique vocalisations.

Not too many links for this episode, but here are a few:

Some Cool Stuff Vincenzo Found On The Internet:

Vincenzo didn’t get a chance to mention this during the podcast, but he will be holding a workshop organised by the ASA on the 26th of July 2014 in Brisbane. It’s a full day workshop about learning all you need to know to have chance at becoming successful on the AppStore, from evaluating your app concept, developing a business model and the options you have when it comes to developing and marketing your app. It will be invaluable to anyone interested in creating and publishing an app on the AppStore.

Finally, we mentioned last month that every podcast is an adventure in audio engineering and this month is no different. We’ll get those microphones right one of these days.



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Memory Makes Us in Darwin

Families, dreams, and distinctive scents will weave the tales of Memory Makes Us in beautiful Darwin during Wordstorm 2014.

Memory Makes Us, a live writing experiment presented by if:book Australia is returning in 2014 with three events held throughout Australia this year. In the project, a group of writers create new work live in person and online taking their inspiration from your contributions.

Three great writers are featured in Darwin:

Date: Friday, 30 May
Location: Browns Mart Theatre
12 Smith Street

Share your memories with the project and inspire our intrepid writers. The Memory Makes Us web site allows you to post your memories and browse through other contributions.


Share your memory now




Loading Memories


We are busy preparing for this year’s Memory Makes Us. We are mere weeks away from the call out for your memories, so keep an eye on the site for details.

Kate Pullinger’s wonderful Memory Makes Us story has now faded away entirely while we build a whole new space for our writers to work in for this year. Her work lives on though in a gallery of photos taken from the event from 9 July last year.

By the way, doesn’t the theme of ‘memory’ just keep on giving in the form of pun-tastic post titles?


The Sweet, Sweet Tears

ifbook podcastA bumper episode of the the if:book Podcast for March with our guest Andrew Duval. Get comfortable because we couldn’t bear to cut this one down. Just as well this is not radio.

Featured artist is Charles D’Almaine playing Imitation of bagpipes and Scotch airs on the violin. Sourced and remastered from Edison Gold Moulded Record 7377 and our friends at the Internet Archive. No bagpipes were harmed in the making of this record.

Emily attempts to goad Simon into ranting about Hugh Howey’s reports on the Author Earnings web site, but he’s distracted by memories of Happy Days. Somehow they still launch into a discussion that makes sense.

Our guest is the rather awesome Andrew Duval of Liquid Interactive: the brains behind the Writelike web-based learning platform.

Some links to the stuff we discuss:

Because we we distracted by interesting discussion, we didn’t quite get to Cool Stuff We Found On The Internet. Next month. Promise.

Also, it’s worth noting that every podcast is an adventure in audio engineering. In other words, we’ll give Emily her own microphone next time.



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My Robot’s Jam

ifbook podcastThe if:book Australia Podcast kicks off 2014 with special guest Christy Dena, focusing on her project Robot University for The Cube at QUT, which you can check out online for more information. Christy also kept a developer’s blog at

Other projects we wanted to discuss in more detail, but have reluctantly left for another time are:

And of course, we always have Cool Stuff We Found On The Internet:


Featured artist is  Freaky Steve with the track 140rendmess. Thanks, Freaky.



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A Whole New Year

It has been quite some time since the idea of remixing the Willow Patterns book was proposed. Many ideas have been thrown around, with the raw data being scrutinised, stretched, and segmented into workable bits. Since then a number of possible creations have been theorized and played with, but some have finally come into the light. Pascalle Burton created a surreal video containing all the

Lost in Memory, if:book in 2014


Memory Makes Us

The pilot stage of Memory Makes Us took place in July 2013 with a live writing experiment by Kate Pullinger. The project sought contributions from the public both leading into and during the event in a unique interaction between artist and audience.

Three Events, Nine Authors

In 2014, Memory Makes Us will be expanded to three events in different cities around Australia. We will also expand the number of authors for each event to three. We will announce locations and featured artists for Memory Makes Us soon.

Memory Makes Us will continue to use a combination of online and live face-to-face interaction between contributors and artists, including web submissions, social media, handwriting, and (of course) manual typing. Readers online will be able to follow the authors’ progress via a new dedicated project web site.


Lost in Track Changes

Lost in Track Changes is a writing experiment that combines contemporary notions of remix culture with old-fashioned writing games and parlour tricks.

Five writers are being commissioned to write a short memoir vignette and pass it along to another writer in the group who will adapt and creatively change the work before passing it along again. The result will be five pieces that evolve and adapt sometimes in unexpected and surprising directions. But regardless of what happens, if:book will track the changes an document their evolution.

Look for the first Lost pieces later this year.


ifbook podcast

if:book Podcast

The if:book Australia podcast will be produced once a month and will discuss future book projects, whether they be our own or those of the forward thinking writers and creative people we interview. Get ready for discussions of boundary pushing projects which poke, pull and transform our ideas of books, storytelling and publishing.

If you are interested in being a guest on the podcast, contact us with a pitch and bio. Make sure you listen to our previous podcasts first to determine if  your project is a good fit. To get an idea of the types of topics and projects we discuss please listen to our previous podcasts.

amplified author

The Amplified Author

So you’re overwhelmed by the mass of information about digital publishing? You hate wasting writing time researching how to publish your own work? We created the Amplified Author just for you.

The Amplified Author is an online suite of resources giving you the tools to navigate digital and self-publishing. This course is all you need to navigate the digital revolution by providing you with information about ebooks and the publishing industry and teaching you the practical skills to produce your own ebooks. You can either grab the full course, or sign up for a short mini-course to fill in a gap in your knowledge.

Originally developed in 2011 as a series of presentations and consultations, the Amplified Author is now available as a set of online resources—text, links, and videos—covering both broad industry trends in digital and independent publishing through to practical skills development in areas such as ebook creation, design and publishing to various online platforms.


This is the future of the book, but not the one you were expecting.