willow patternsOn 11 June 2012, if:book held Australia’s first 24-Hour Book project and the first in the world to produce both print and digital editions within its timeframe. The resulting book, Willow Pattern, features new work from writers as diverse as Nick Earls, P.M. Newton, Steven Amsterdam, and Krissy Kneen. It is now available both in print and digital worldwide.

The 24-Hour Book was a great success, but the project generated more than just a finished text. Every edit, annotation and interaction with the online audience was time-stamped, captured and stored in an online database.


And you thought it was just a book.

The follow up project Willow Patterns opens book’s complete database and invite responses and remixes of the data from artists, writers, poets, and coders.

The purpose of this project is to further explore the possibilities of stories as data. From its original inception as a ‘book’ (both print and digital), our goal is to explode the 24-Hour Book into a myriad of forms and responses both digital and physical and to create an experience that will inspire visitors to step outside of ‘the book’ and consider the future of how everyone can engage with stories on their own terms.

Check out the complete database for Willow Pattern. Every version of every story.