About the 24HB

24 hours.

On 11 June 2012, if:book Australia will challenge a team of writers and editors to collaborate, write, and publish a book in a single 24-hour period.

9 writers.

At midday, nine writers (including Nick Earls, Steven Amsterdam, Krissy Kneen, and P.M. Newton) will gather at the State Library of Queensland and begin writing furiously. Their stories will be written live on the day, with work in progress posted online to allow readers to watch the story unfold and to submit ideas, suggestions and contributions across media. As the stories are completed, a team of bleary-eyed editors will take the text from manuscript to a book.

So the format works like this: each chapter has a single writer and editor. The writer is free to tell whatever kind of story they like. We have a few basic rules to ensure the book has a cohesive quality to it, but otherwise the writers can work in their preferred space or break out if they like. The result is not a 24-Hour novel, but more than a loose collection of short stories. We’ve chosen this model for its balance of freedom and restriction to get the best out of everyone.

1 book.

On the 12 June (at midday of course), the finished book will be available. The digital editions will available as free downloads for the 24 hours following the book’s completion before all editions make their way into the regular retail world. The book’s launch will take place shortly after the book’s completion.

Why a 24-Hour Book?

if:book manager, Simon Groth, has written a blog post specifically addressing this very question.

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