Reasons CBSE NCERT Books Are Purchased Online

Ever since the coming of the internet, many of the commonplace activities have shifted online. This includes something as simple as buying educational books. CBSE or Central Board of Secondary Education is an Indian education board that is prevalent at many of the public and major private schools. These days, parents and students can easily buy CBSE textbooks online for the coming session. Find out why the online purchase of CBSE books has become so popular.

Easier availability of books

It is often difficult to find suitable textbooks, which are a part of the syllabus, from academic bookstores – due to insufficient delivery or lack of books in stock. These problems often made it difficult to students to get new books and take great pains to photocopy or Xerox each page of new books. This used to be a great hassle and also added to their expenses, costing twice or thrice the actual cost of books. With online stores, this is hardly a problem. When purchased well ahead of time, buyers can get the items in stock in quite a few stores.

More convenient purchase process

Even a decade back, it was tough to get NCERT textbooks for standard I to XII for each subject. The scenario is different and more convenient today. Even if they are unable to find their school books for NCERT in one store, buyers can easily find them in some other store. The entire purchase can be conducted from home with an internet connection-enabled computer and a credit card. In some stores, even credit cards are not required as Cash on Delivery payment systems happen to be their chosen payment method.

Downloadable books

Buyers are also able to download books for a fee, in an electronic format. These textbooks can be found available for download in PDF format in English and Hindi languages. In remote locations, where delivery is not possible or very difficult, buyers can download books of their choice in PDF format in their chosen language and use them just like printed versions.

More choices

Students can also find more choices of books related to their own syllabus. Before the internet, many of them had to rely on only the books mentioned in their syllabus and use it as the only source of reference. At e-stores, they can also get recommendations about reference materials or guidebooks and other textbooks related to their CBSE textbooks online. They can buy these for more effective and well-rounded preparation for their exams, and pass with better grades.


In most cases, the purchase of books online proves to be affordable. Buyers do not have to spend more and depend only on a handful of stores that keep the books in stock but charge more due to limited supply. They can compare prices at various online stores and choose to buy from the one with the lowest rates. With comparison shopping engines, comparison of prices becomes much easier for buyers and the entire purchase process takes anywhere between 15 – 20 minutes.